Hi my name is Patricia~ ^-^ I am Asian.I post random stuff that I like and it depends on my mood. I love and reblog yaoi, Namie Amuro, and visual kei. :) Sometimes I make gifs. I make gifs for fun. :D I'm not too good at making quality gifs yet but I hope to improve over time. ^^; I'm bad at photoshop too. -___-

I am a yaoi fangirl. ^-^
I just want to warn my followers first because I can't promise my tumblr will be pg. Once in a while porn likes to slip in XD

~My favorite pairings~
I ship everyone in Gazette with Kai but I adore Kai with Reita. :)

My favorite Visual kei bands are: DIAURA, BORN, ViViD, Alice Nine, the Gazette, LM.C, SCREW, D=out, and Versailles.
Leave me a nice message, I would love to make new friends who also share the same interests! ^^ You will probably notice, that I love men with nice hair.